wine cellar construction

Wine cellar construction – facts you must know about

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that wine cellar construction includes a number of factors and requirements that can only be met by professional contractors. Yes! Here we are talking about professional wine construction companies who are specialized in this field and create the best wine cellar designs considering all requirements and factors.

Remember when your ultimate goal is to store your wine collection in a safe and healthy place for possible sale or future consumption; nothing can give you a better solution than hiring an experienced and reputed wine cellar construction company. This is an important task where great care and attention should be given at the time of construction and ensure that your collection of wine stay safe and secured once the construction is done. Any negligence or mistake on the part of a wine cellar constructor may lead to re-build of a wine cellar which means a significant increase in cost.

So, if you think of hiring a contractor for spiral cellars construction, then how do you become sure whether the contractor is right for your project or not? Well, there are some important factors that require your consideration before hiring a contractor. Let’s have a look at them –

  • Must check the contractor’s license for wine cellar designs and construction. If your contractor has the license, then note down its number and call the local authorizing authority or state board to verify the paper.
  • Make sure your contractor possesses liability insurance. This insurance policy is required to protect your house if in any case the contractor or its employees cause any damage to it.
  • A contractor must have compensation insurance. Without it don’t allow any contractor to take up your project because you may be held responsible if any labor or employee of the contractor gets injured while working on your project.

If you don’t follow these set of guidelines strictly, it may bring a big difference between having a safe wine storage environment and a poor wine cellar construction that required re-do and repairing from time to time.

Besides considering these factors for wine cellar contractor, there are some other considerations that you must take into account while constructing a wine cellar in your basement or house. Let’s have a look at them –

What will be the size of your wine cellar?

The size of your cellar depends on your requirements. It can be big or small according to your need. Places like the basement, garage, or spare space underneath the stairs are best for wine cellar construction. If you have limited space, you can opt for small size wine cellars and display your wine bottles in an elegant way.

A large storage space may allow you to have a large-size spiral cellar where you can store more wine bottles which are not an economical option.

What type of wine cellar design you can choose?

Wine cellar designs are available in different shapes and sizes. The selection of a wine cellar design entirely depends on the space available and your personal satisfaction. Here are a few available designs for wine racks –

  • Curved corner unit
  • Table tops
  • Arches
  • Testing tables
  • Split bottle storage
  • Quarter round display
  • Split bottle storage and
  • Waterfall display

These are some designs you can choose for your wine rack construction. So, before you start constructing a wine cellar, you must focus on all these factors to have a strong and durable wine rack that best showcase your wine bottles.