Universities in Europe: Europe 2020 Strategy

Every now and then we are made aware of the new updates, be it in technology, political rule or for the educational reforms. The latest to join in this herd is the European Commission, who has ruled out the Europe 2020 Strategy – which puts more emphasis on higher education and research based academics. This strategy believes in higher level of education and innovation. There are many great European university, but many have not been given their due, which this strategy will ensure they receive.

People working in Europe might feel they are over working but going by the stance that European Commission has taken, it is quite difficult to believe. The policy document states the importance of including economic growth in the education system. What compels the European commission to launch the Europe 2020 strategy is the fact that the European workforce comprises of only 6% of researchers while Japan and US are way ahead with 11% and 9% respectively. Another point to be noted here is, except for UK, the performance of European University has been considered modest on the academic front. The time has come to bring forth and highlight the educational excellence which European University has to offer.

European integration has been taken into account to change the current scenario. The policy document has asked Education ministers to aim to double the number of students who go for higher studies, or inculcated the wish for higher and overseas studies among the student by 2020. Apart from this, the inculcation of European Quality Assurance Register who will ensure mobility and make way for getting qualified from European Universities more accessible. There are ample of European Universities but none have been brought to the limelight. But with European 2020 strategy being rule out more emphasis has started pouring in to encouraging exchange program and overseas study.

All this while, US has been on the top of the list to attract students from across the world. With Asian Academic Universities joining the herd and getting lots of attention.  To combat the world leaders in educations front, Europe has come out with interesting schemes like setting up “ high level group’ and launching pilot projects like Knowledge Alliances, which aims at making use of educational research in industrial use.

The target is to bring Europe into the limelight and enhance the fact that it also has some great universities with excellence academic offerings. But as for now, one can search for top 10 European Universities and look forward so that they can enjoy the culture and equally the academic sessions.