It’s time to find out the link between creatine and this hormone

Have ever heard of creatine?? This is a kind of hormone which is produced by the body just like testosterone and is often sold in supplements that are used as a muscle building enhancer. It’s taken by A number of men (and some women), who take prescription strength testosterone and supplements for a number of benefits, which includes the growth of muscle and enhancing athletic performance. So, let’s find out the link between creatine and this hormone.

So, have a look on some mind-bending theories so that you  can actually find out the link between creatine and this hormone

  • Creatine is typically stored in muscles. In the human body’s kidney and liver, Creatine is manufactured and is also ingested through fish and meats.
  • The uptake of muscle creatine is enhanced by carbohydrate ingestion. This component has become tremendously well known in sports drinks and supplements.
  • It increases levels of creatine in muscle fibers when someone consumes the over the counter supplement orally which in turn initiates the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate or ATP.
  • Toprovide benefits for endurance, Creatine has been noted. Especially associated with aerobic exercise, and intense exercising that lasts less than 30-second bursts in duration.
  • It is determined by a number of studies that creatine can increase muscle mass, leaner body mass, and strength. So, it has a scientific explanation also.
  • Not only for those who are experiencing ageing processes, it rates as moderately effective in performing athletic stamina, performance, endurance for women and for cyclists also.

Creatine Increases Testosterone:

One hormone in the body has the perspective to affect one or more hormones as well as organ function of human body.

  • By the human body itself, Endogenous testosterone is created. In the Leydig cells of the testes (testicles), it gets manufactured. The pituitary gland, which is known as the master gland of the body, the instructions to produce or manufacture testosterone comes from that.
  • It is a mainly male hormone that provides secondary sex characteristics.
  • By women’s ovaries also, it’s also can be produced in very small amounts. Estrogen is the main sex characteristic hormone in women. In Men also estrogen can be produced in very small amounts.
  • In testosterone replacement therapy scenarios, injections and topical ointments, gels and creams used in the treatment of low T levels (hypogonadism) are relatively common.


It should be noted that injections used without the permission (prescription), guidance, and oversight of a physician is considered illegal.

It also should be mentioned that these drugs used for other than medical purposes (for example the treatment of hypogonadism) are widely disapproved by the medical community due to the potential for misuse, abuse, and failure to adhere to dosing recommendations that result in side effects and adverse reactions.

This hormone provides mainly secondary sex male characteristics such as the growth of facial and body hair, sperm maturation, sexual organ maturation, but also has an effect on muscle and bone development, libido, and emotions.