Study about the Pearls Thoroughly Before You Make the Purchase

Pearls are naturally hard with outer glossy surface, and are produced inside the shellfishes or molluscs. In most cases, they are perfectly spherical having a smooth surface, but you can also find them in different shapes as well. It is one of those gemstones that have been admired by people from many centuries.


We also have cultured pearls that are human made and not natural. Cultured pearls are usually of lesser price while compared to natural pearls. Pearl buying isn’t a simple work, if you’re looking for best quality then there are many things to take into consideration such as its size, appearance, colour, types of pearls etc.

Things to keep in mind while buying pearls:

  • Natural pearls are very rare to find, which is why they are quite expensive. However, you can find cultured pearls for competitively lower prices. While the natural pearls are produced with the sedimentation inside the oyster shells, the cultured ones are artificially induced through a process.
  • Compare fresh water pearls and salt water pearls. Fresh water pearls are cultured in mussels while saltwater pearls are grown in oysters, they have different shapes and colours, but the size of fresh water pearls is no larger than 7mm where as salt water pearls can become larger.
  • There are many other types of pearls such as, Akoya pearls, which are named after Akoya oyster in japan, south sea black pearls, which are grown in black lipped oysters, south sea white pearls are grown in the silver lipped oyster. South sea gold pearls are grown in gold lipped oysters. Cortez pearls are a rare variety of pearls which are grown in rainbow lipped oysters. Conch pearls are not traditional pearls as they are formed inside a conch shell.
  • Colour of the pearl will vary widely, but look into its body colour and the overtone colour for the good quality. Test it in a white backdrop.
  • Look at the lustre, the shinier a pearl is, the more valuable it is. Thus, always make sure that you pick the ones that shine well.
  • Choose the right size that suits your jewellery. Also, the desired shape needs to be selected.

Pearls Only jewelery have a very classic and elegant look it gives more grace to your look. However, while buying pearl jewellery it is always important to select the right pearls for yourself so that it would be worth buying.

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