sperm banks in Mumbai

Sperm banks – no longer a taboo

Babies are considered as a gift of God. There are many couples who find it difficult to have a baby despite proper treatment. In the olden times, it was not possible to have a baby; through other means. But the times have changed; there have been immense technological advancements. Sperm donation has become a major breakthrough in the medical science. Sperm donation is no longer a taboo in the present world. There are many institutions / hospitals which provide the facility of storing the sperm; there are various checks done before they are stored and used for impregnation.

There are many sperm donation bank in Mumbai who provide the joy of having a child to the childless couples. The sperm donation is now accepted all across the world. According to the experts, this method is considered to be the most effective way to fight infertility and help couples have a baby of their own. There are many small things to be kept in mind when you have to choose the sperm donation banks. Here are few of them –

Where to find sperm donation banks?

Internet is the best way to get a list of sperm banks in Mumbai. There are many sperm banks / hospitals / clinics which provide the facility of sperm banking. The first thing you should do is to list out all the well-known sperm banks. Check for the location; where they are located and who the donors are. This is required to ensure you are in the right hands. Initially it is a little daunting and tricky work to find the right bank because everyone will show the best credentials. Check with your family and friends, if they know someone personally who has taken treatment with the sperms of a particular bank. This will ensure better safety and security for your unborn baby.

Is the sperm bank with accreditations?

There are various legal accreditations and certifications which they have to follow. You need to check whether they are following the same. Since these certifications are expensive there shall be very less who follow this, hence you can immediately cut down your list because banks without these accreditations should not be approached. You need to make sure you choose the ones which have certifications. Moreover, check with the concerned government authorities whether these certifications are genuine.

Duration of the sperm banks

You would always wish that the baby born should be healthy, and for this you need to check for how long these banks have been in business. They should be reputed and the most important the doctors treating should have correct credentials. Check for how many years they have been around; check for the clientele they have. If possible, interact with the couples who have already had children; see how their babies are in terms of health and other factors.

Acceptance of donors

Check with the sperm banks what type of donors do they prefer. You need to check the percentage of donors getting accepted. There are stringent norms which are to be followed by the donor, check whether they are being followed and what is the success rate. The best ones are always very choosy, this is required to ensure best treatment for the childless couples.

In short, choose those sperm banks, which ensure that you will have a healthy and safe baby with the right credentials.