Tempered Frameless Glass Balustrades

Become Familiar with Special Tempered Frameless Glass Balustrades

Property owners and home decorators are obviously aware of conventional Tempered frameless glass balustrades. These classical units are used for safety applications and decoration purposes at residential and commercial premises. But the same thing cannot be said about tempered glass balustrades. However, they have grown in popularity in the recent years but despite that, very few people are well-acquainted with this specialized glass type.

Tempered glass is actually a high-quality solid glass that is five times stronger than traditional glass. It is manufactured from extreme thermal, chemical and cooling process. Tempered glass panels are heated to approximately 550 degrees which give it a tough texture. This makes it extremely robust and despite falling on the ground, it does not show any signs of cracking or breakage. Balustrades or railings made from tempered glass are tough and therefore can be used around high traffic areas such as balcony and staircase in a building.

Tempered Frameless Glass Balustrades can perfectly Endure Adverse Climatic conditions :-

Tempered frameless glass balustrading not only adds elegance to a property but also withstands adverse weather conditions and vagaries of nature. For outdoor applications like balcony and terrace, the railings seem to be unaffected by snowfall, storms, severe heat etc. This is due to the fact that the glass is of high-quality and made of tough structure.

It also offers resilience to high temperature and does not show signs of cracking. This means even if the outer temperature reaches to a scorching level, it fails to have any impact on the glasses. Besides that, homeowners can get an extra level of security and protection from intruders who cannot make break-ins. For this reasons, it is also known as safety glass.

What Frameless Tempered Glass Balustrades can Offer?

The primary reason for the rise in demand of tempered glass balustrading Sydney is that it is extremely versatile and can be customized according to the shape and size of the panels to complement the needs of a property owner. Apart from frameless units, there is semi-framed and framed glass fence to generate the kind of appearance people desire.

Tempered or Normal Balustrades: Which One is better?

Whether it is an upgrading, renovation or new construction project, tempered glass railings are obviously better, especially for outdoor applications. Unlike normal units, they are not fragile and susceptible to deterioration or damage. Therefore, for outdoor areas in residences and commercial properties they are ideal for decoration and safety purposes. Home decorators can install it in balcony, patio, terrace, swimming pool, doors, windows etc. Tempered glass also finds application in shower enclosures, partitions, table tops, shelves, washing sinks etc.

The premium toughened glass also provides translucent view or does not obstruct the vision at any cost. This means that apart from security, people can enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes with sunrise and sunset right from their verandah.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, tempered glass railings are comparatively better. A few homemade remedies would do the trick without consuming much time.

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