Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 will come up with Turtle Glass protection

For the Galaxy S8, the used glass in the display is very strong, although, as we know, is not a panacea, and can be obtained from a grain of sand or scratch shatter the screen, dropping a smartphone with a height of 20 centimeters. But the glass on the back – have questions. Unfortunately, it is my long been protected by a sticker with a picture under the vinyl, but the feeling that the coating of the screen and the rest of the surface is still different, Additionally, this gorilla glass may not be used in Galaxy S9, as there are leaks for turtle Glass.

There is noticeable to the naked eye Scratchy in Galaxy S8 glass. Although, it does not seem very logical and convenient to use two different sides front and rear, but the fact remains. Maybe it’s just an unfortunate situation, to be overcome in the Galaxy S9.

In display configuration of Galaxy S9, everything is going to be fine! Under normal lighting conditions, the brightness is rarely more than half. Usually, even a little less. Auto works adequately, although sometimes it is necessary to slightly adjust manually, but it depends on individual preferences. Moreover, the experts write that after a couple of adjustments occur storing the selected value in the future is the same adjustment to the selected value will be carried out automatically.

I have recently been used to adjust the brightness manually to save battery, but more on that later. Color and juiciness – everything is fine, one of the best displays on the market, the eyes and the soul rejoice! The size of the smart phone is quite compact, nearly the same as the least inch displays, but! Yet because of the height of the screen with one hand operated smart very difficult. Yes, there is relatively user-friendly control mode with one hand, caused by triple clicking the home button, but still very difficult to manage such a large object without the help of the other hand in some operations. So what to do, to pay for everything! The beast Samsung Galaxy S9 will not come cheaper.

For Galaxy S8 camera, as it does not sound strange, but I have often thought about changing something else! I cannot get used to charge a smartphone 1.5 times a day. And the size… Yet sometimes you want to walk the dog with one hand easily, and write about it on Twitter the other! So much so that sometimes I even observed the other models on the market, but! I have always been stopped not only the lack of extra money (the crisis), but also the contemplation of pictures that I could do n. They are simply superb! The camera really justifies the many nuances of use. What can I say, see for you and wait for the majestic Samsung Galaxy S9