rugged DC DC converter

Why Rugged DC DC Converters are Used Everywhere Nowadays

Where high input voltages are required, it is useful to apply a rugged DC DC converter there. The reasons for applying rugged DC DC converters are as follows –

  • High resistance against the adverse conditions
  • Extended life span
  • High reliability
  • Assured protection against overheating and vibration
  • Protections against humidity

The highly rugged converters are good to work in the rugged vehicles. Those modern vehicles (army-vehicles, trucks and locomotive) are designed to work under severe conditions. These converters are strong enough to nullify the external effects to maintain the usual flow of work.

Why are these converters used in locomotive?

As mentioned above, the locomotive units are the strongest and most reliable vehicles for freight forwarding and transporting. Therefore, they need to send the products or people to the destinations within the proper time. In this process, the power disruptions, natural disaster and other problems may commonly arise and affect the tasks of the locomotive. The rugged converters do not only help to turn on the lights or the power connections throughout the railway units but also help to run the electronic systems in the pilot cabin, the modern machines as well as the computer-based control systems for locomotive. In addition to that, the DC DC power converters are used in other sorts of railway controlling systems (the track setting systems, signalling systems and rail track monitoring systems).

How do the power converters convert the voltage?

The power converters convert the voltage transformed from the batteries. Multiple converters are used in the railway units to for various purposes. These converters draw power from the batteries and convert them in different voltages according to the requirements. There are transformers in the converters, which help to convert the power. If it is an AC to DC converter, the power converters convert the power accordingly. On the other hand, the DC-to-DC converters are control the power by gearing up or suppressing the voltage.

You may now ask whether drawing the power from the batteries will affect the batteries or not. It may appear as if the batteries will be drained out as they keep providing supports continuously. However, using the converters does not drain out batteries. The batteries are used as the common power support units. The converters only assure that the internal as well as external hazards do not affect the power supporting process provided by the battery units.

The matter will be cleared to you if you learn about the usages of the industrial DC DC converters.

What are industrial DC DC converters?

The industrial DC DC converters are the converters, which are used in the industrial sectors. In this regard you should know that the converters used in the railways and in the rugged vehicles are sometimes manufactured according to the industry standards. That helps the converters to overcome the problems that usually trouble the vehicles during the process. Due to the use of those powerful converters, the disruptions or the effects from outside do not affect the internal systems or lighting in the vehicles.

So, how the industrial DC DC converter should be? The industrial DC DC converters should be strong enough to deal with all sorts of adverse conditions. As an example, the humidity, moisture and vibrations sometimes affect the usual activities of the industries as well as the rugged machinery. The industrial DC DC converters therefore, should be strong enough to outrun all those obstacles to maintain the usual flow of work. That is why, in several industries, waterproof DC DC converters are used to prevent the disruptions from adverse effects.

Why use waterproof DC DC converters?

Before finding the answer of this question, you need to know what a waterproof DC-to-DC converter actually is. The waterproof DC-to-DC converter is a modified version of the rugged DC DC converters, in which the waterproof coating provides some extra benefits. The waterproof converters can prevent the moisture as well as the water hazards.

The waterproof DC DC converters are used for the marine transportation, railways as well as in the rugged vehicles. The water hazard sometimes affects the rugged devices in the vehicles as well as in the avionics. Change of attitudes also contaminates the machinery at times. The rugged, waterproof devices ensure the prevention of unprecedented interruptions in the power supply units.

Isolated DC DC power converters does not only save the space, weight and heat but also save the cost as well. Nowadays, custom power products are used in the commercial as well as industrial and domestic sectors (look around your household appliances – the computers and other electrical appliances use customised products).

The advanced electrical systems in modern times, it may be the railways, the rugged vehicles, the marine units as well as the industrial and commercial sectors, get unrelenting power supports by the modern DC-to-DC converters (AC to DC or AC to AC converters are also used according to the requirements). However, because of the modern industrial revolutions, the introduction to the rugged DC DC converter has vividly helped for the overall production and transportation processes. In order to learn more about the usages of the rugged converters, you can get in touch with Karatec, the leading electronic converter manufacturing company in Australia.