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Proven Methods and Techniques To Boost Your Real Estate Selling Strategies For 2017

There are lots of real estate marketing strategies compiled from the year 2014 to 2017 which are very much effective when applied to today’s client base. These methods and techniques, when mastered by a real estate agent or a real estate broker, will be very much useful and will bring productive returns in the business.

Two years ago, Outbound Engine had a post entitled “The 7 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents for 2014”. The post doles out tips of how to lay down the necessary requirements of a robust inbound marketing methodology. It involved the access to the internet utilizing to the full advantage the Information Avenue for the real estate agents.

Then came the article named “9 Pro Tips: Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents” of 2015. This advice aimed to lessen the real estate agents’ time allotments of marketing but still have the reliable connectivity and recognition between the real estate agent and his client base. In this post, there were two points of realization that the experienced agent wishes to emphasize. That 75% of business consummation come from referrals and by word. Second is that so much time is being given to lead gathering than the preservation and maintaining the existing database the agent already has. Again, the utilization of the Information Avenue comes into play.

Whether we like it or not, a real estate agent has to be online with technology today as this the best source of information gathering and publicity, especially for people in sales and marketing. Reaching out to millions, when done right, is realized in a jiffy. Information received and delivery is at the tips of your fingers. For instance, over 51% of data are viewed on mobile phones or tablets while 42% of tech users open media data in personal computers and laptop. Today, technology even got a notch higher, you can view it now on phablets, a combined phone and tablet rolled into one. Facebook has 1.08 billion active users daily as of September 2016 data from Smart Insights.

It is now imperative that the real estate agent is obliged to utilize the internet technology as it is the marketing trend of our time. In other words, mobile marketing is the trend of business dealings and is as applicable to real estate as any other business to promote on the web.

By being reachable via the mobile gadgets that are available in the market, existing and potential real estate clients must have that prioritized accommodative preference that will go with the experience of being given the importance of response and care applied. Their first and successive experiences are keys to business closures.

Trending post for this topic is the “10 Fully Baked Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents” for 2016. The internet will always be a venue for the technology abreast real estate agent. It is the email that is eclipsing all other means of real estate marketing ideas regarding receiving information, closure to business deals and the maintenance of clientele under your fold. According to Outbound Engine, 70% of email recipients agree that they would open received emails from companies they are comfortable to do business. Besides, basing on statistics, emails give a result of 4300% returns on investment for real estate business in the United States.

McKinley and Company reported that using the email are much more efficient than that of social media by 17% in the conversion rate of business and that your email is 40 times greater than that of Facebook and Tweeter. 95% of email users attest that the messages received from real estate agents find the emails useful, as stated in Salesforce. 64% of buyers open their emails via a mobile device, said The list goes on and on for the advantages when keeping an email utility handy.

The latest trending article for the real estate topic is the “5 Most Creative Content Marketing Ideas” for 2017. The internet will always be there to complement these marketing strategies in store for the active agent. These innovative advertising techniques will augment the tips of boosting your business and give it a swing for 2017.

Here are the tips for the 2017 digital media marketing strategies:

  • Have an ebook for your visual presentations. This amenity could channel into your website, Facebook Account, and emails. Positioning your presence with your clients will help them remember you when the time comes for them to purchase your real estate listings.
  • Create an Interactive Infographic. Infographics are very effective ways to promote in either digital or printed media. Psychologists say that the brain retains and retrieves visual experiences better than the other senses.
  • Snapshot and Instagram Stories enhances your posts when landed on digital media. 750 million users open Instagram daily. Don’t miss this marketing utility.
  • Create videos of your items in stock to make aware the buying public. According to statistics, 85% of potential real estate clients is keen on having an agent with videos to show his business.
  • Writing stories on email marketing campaigns. 92% of customers want to connect to what you are offering them. Make your clients at home to the ideas that you are sharing with a real and honest mode. This way closure of deals is on the way, as compiled by Outbound Engine.

Boosting your marketing ideas will significantly improve your business for 2017. Are you ready?


About the author

Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger and a real estate agent who aims to help and guide customers before buying a property. He also helps his fellow real estate agents by giving tips and advice on gaining more clients. You can visit the website at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group to find out how you could gain more real estate leads with this one-of-a-kind real estate referral marketing system.