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Primary source verification credentialing comes to the rescue of the leaders in global marketing careers

Type on the search engine Google- where to get fake certificates? It will give about 8,45,000 results of the websites providing fake certificates, degrees, and diploma. Each claiming that they are better than the other phony certificates providing websites and are available on their website at the lowest price.

Talent acquisition is not easy these days. With talent comes not-so-talented people or fraudsters. It is not at all difficult for such people to get through an interview round with possession of fake degrees and certificates in one’s portfolio. But it becomes a headache and hazard for the marketing professionals across global marketing careers who are into the recruitment of employees. The cost of hiring wrong employees, the loss of time and the occupational and criminal fraud involved is unforgivably high for the corporations and businesses.

What can give the marketing professionals an upper hand is credentialing they possess in marketingand sales certification which will help them judge better the employees who are applying for different jobs. And primary source verification credentialing is another weapon that they can use to be on the better side of the talent management.

The primary source verification (PSV) refers to the act of verification of the documents of applicants such as the educational certificates, experience, good standing certificate, and health, working and driving license from the primary and original source. Marketing professionals can easily get their hands on PSV through:

  • Originating source
  • Phone calls

Credentials like degree, diploma, licenses, and certifications can be testified from the colleges, universities, and licensing boards by writing applications to the issuing authority, registrar of colleges and universities, or whomsoever it may concern. A clean record reflects on the armor of marketing professionals, organizations, and their credibility. But before you test other for certifications, get yourself marketing and sales certification so that the lack of it does not show badly on your resume.

As for the work experience, every employer must make inquiry and capability- validation calls to previous employers for reference checks. Behavior, performance levels, feedback, compliance, and working ethics- all are reviewed with one use of PSV. PSV also weeds out risks related with underperformers, fraudsters, and criminals.

How PSV is the best tool for global marketing careers:-

  • Increased brand value
  • Decreased employer liability
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Qualified workforce
  • Risk redemption
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Profits

A company is what the employees are. The leaders in global marketing careers need to tailor themselves up for the war against the fraudsters. Though marketing and sales certification will give them the necessary edge that is required to stay alert against the fake job seekers, it is always best to keep learning of the new ways to enhance ways of verification and credentialing- validation of the new employees. Any negligent hiring lawsuit against you and your company can ruin the years of time invested in building a leader out of you and legacy out of a company.