Planning Birthday Party Food For Kids With Allergies

Of all the elements of a birthday planning what bothers the parents most is the food. Deciding the right kind of healthy food that kids will like plus making sure the quantity is enough for the party is a whole lot of stress in itself. But what if any guest in the party has food allergies? It can be a dangerous situation if any child with allergy consumes the wrong food. What is the solution you ask? Read on to know how you can handle such a special party need without a lot of hard work.


You should know

Knowing is the solution. It might seem like obvious, but most parents ignore or forget to inform you that their kid has a food allergy. It all comes down to you. Add the message to the birthday party invitation explicitly asking parents to inform you if their kids have allergies. Especially it is necessary for science themed parties invites to include this message so that parents can inform you about any substance in particular are dangerous for their kid that can be included in science experiments.

Talk to the parents

Once, you come across a guest in the list who is allergic to any food ingredient don’t go on wondering what food items should be on the menu for that child. Simply talk to parents and know what all foods that the kid can consume. It will save you a lot of hours.

You might need to go through the food labels to make sure there is no ingredient in there that can trigger allergy in the kid. Ask parents if the child is vegan. If he is then you cannot include any sausages and other such stuff for him, but what you have to take care of is not to pick any food item that contains glycerin. Most people think they are choosing a vegetarian item, but glycerin is an animal product.

In case a child has severe food allergies, his parents might prefer to send him with his own food to the party.

Provide instructions

The entertainer for science party you hire must be aware of the fact there is someone with food allergy in his audience. Often, for the success of science themed parties parents hire professional kid entertainers who bring in treats like chocolates and sweets to entice children to participate or reward them. Informing entertainers is important so they can arrange for alternative treats.

Make parents stay

If the kid with allergy is under 5, it is advisable that you make his parent stay to supervise him. But otherwise most adult young children know what they can eat and cannot eat. Having an adult to supervise kids is always a good idea.