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Latest stair case trends for luxury home designs

Pioneers of luxury home designs are continuously in the outlook for innovative ideas to create a lasting impact and favorable impression on the mind of customers. In this endeavor, often staircases are undermined although they hold much importance in shaping visual impact of a house. Contemporary builders have been keeping a close eye on the latest staircase designs as an integral part of planning a luxury home construction.   Some of them are discussed below.

Glass stairs

Glass staircases have the ability to appear magnificent in new homes. However, it is not a popular choice among families that have infants or aged people as it may seem scary. It is ideally suited for locations that stays sunny most of the times allowing daylight to filter through it and illuminate the entire household. In terms of cozy interior decorations, glass staircases provide the opportunity to utilize its transparency by featuring a great artwork underneath it abiding the principles of luxury home construction in Sydney. Glass staircases do not compromise safety and comes with the provision of handrails and grips on each step.   


  Although spiral staircases have a long historical lineage but still they can appear modern to suffice the look and feel of luxury home designs.  In this regard, mention could be made to the cage design that comes with a sculptured exterior accompanied with handrails. As a part of luxury home construction spiral staircases are much sought by custom builders since it occupies minimal space making it a perfect fit for luxury apartments.

Alternating steps

It has the look and feel of a ladder and creates a staircase that is unique and occupies minimum space making it ideal for space constrained apartments. While making a selection in favor of alternating steps one needs to realize that this design will require you to concentrate and be careful with your steps. The genre of alternating steps are also called “opposite foot” that is characterized by paddle shaped steps infusing a state of the art feature in luxury home designs.

Floating magic

They are popularly known as self supporting or levitating stairs which have been reconstructed and remodeled for luxury home construction to provide a lighter look. It is one of the most popular designs and could be made available in diverse materials ranging from timber to acrylic, glass to concrete. Holding true to the principles of luxury home design floating stairs could be customized to hide all supporting elements and create the impression of levitating.