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List of Video Submission Website and its Importance in SEO

This is the list of Video Submission Website? Do you Know what is the importance of video submission in SEO? and why you use it for your website or blog.Video SEO is important as a result of it permits your video to be uploaded to your web site, shared through social media retailers like YouTube so as to understand the utmost quantity of exposure achievable. A successful internet video are about to be below 5 minutes in order that you just might not lose your audience’s attention. Something longer and you risk the person clicking away before the decision to action.

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This trend presents startups that are able to produce quality video content with tremendous search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities. In fact, Forrester analysis reports that compared with normal SEO techniques, a video that is properly submitted is 50 times more likely to attain a first-page Google ranking. And since video is in such short offer, relative to other web-related content, the competition for search engine attention is less fierce.

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Top 9 List of  Video Submission Website

1. Vimeo
2. Dailymotion
3. Twitch
4. LiveLeak
6. Veoh
7. Break
8. Metacafe
9. Vube

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This is the list of videos submission website you can post your videos on this website and promotes in search engine and divert traffic and ranking of your website/video.