Let’s Peep into the Surprising Digital Marketing Stats from Last Week

Do you check your blood pressure every week? Then why don’t you check the statistics of digital marketing regularly? Each day, digital marketing is emerging as a necessity to businesses as oxygen and water are to living creatures. You should keep your eyes on the happenings of digital marketing industry regularly just like the way you keep checking your health condition regularly. Don’t forget that health and business are related to each other. If you are sick, you cannot run your business properly. At the same time, a loss in your business can make you sick and tensed. And as it has been stated above, digital marketing has become an integral part of any kind of businesses. So, you should keep the track both of your health and the digital marketing happenings.

For health check up, you need to go to your house physician. But so far as digital marketing is concerned, you can get the track of all the recent developments and happenings online.  Last week can be exclusively marked as an unusual and interesting week in terms of digital marketing stats. Why is this week so interesting and unusual? Let’s find out the answer:

  • That funny YouTube win:

Social media star Casey Neistat again spread his magic and his magic takes Emirates, an airline from the United Arab Emirates to the limelight. When he was recently traveling from Dubai to New York City, he shot a nine-minute video about how he enjoyed in the first class airline. The airline arranged a luxurious private cabin exclusively for him containing a cozy bed, a private mini bar, showering facilities and caviar. It costs him more than $21,000. He himself has admitted that he was not financially compensated for this effort. Surprisingly, this video was published on 19th September, but people are watching this video till now with great interest. Reportedly, the clip has been viewed over 23 million times on YouTube.

  • Pinterest Resonates:

Kinetic, a social marketing company reports that the advertisers of Pinterest spent around 3-5 times more on the platform in the third quarter in comparison to the prior quarter.

  • Facebook ad at down:

Recently, IgnitionOne’s Q3 has uncovered the fact that FaceBook ad spend is at down. This is down 22 percent as an outcome of the continuous elimination of the social network’s ad exchange known as FBX that is going to be shut down on 1st November 2016.

  • AI interest makes headline:

 AI or Artificial intelligence is bursting in rage. ContentSquare reveals that Best Western, L’Oreal, Unilever, Lacoste are gaining $20 million in series B funding. Content Square hires AI for capturing the behavioral data for the e-commerce and digital market as well.

  • Unbeatable success for presidential debate:

Last Wednesday, Excedrin reaped benefits from almost 46,000 Twitter mentions during the presidential debate between the two American candid, Hilary Clinton, and Donald Trump. According to the reports of Talkwalker, on Wednesday, the Twitter mention was increased by 3,100 percent compared to the previous day. Dou you know that it brought the trend ad, promoted by Twitter for the debate. Everything is done by a simple tweet with a smart hashtag, #DebateHeadache.

  • Uber running in profit:

Reportedly, the CEO of Uber has announced that the app has gained 40 million monthly riders who are paying an average of $50 for the company’s ride-sharing services. Isn’t a surprising stat?

  • Netflix is beaten by Activision:

Recently, the SEO of Activision has announced that the company possesses 500 million monthly active users in almost 196 countries. He claims that network of his company is five times bigger than Netflix.

  • NBCU announces more investment:

Another buzz is that NBCUniversal is going to invest another $200 million in BuzzFeed. Recently, Recode has revealed this news of investment. Comcast’s TV and movie division can be found to be literally doubling down on the digital publisher when an investment of $200 took place in BuzzFeed 14 months ago.

Many market experts are taking the decision by NBCUniversal as an intriguing one since Buzzfeed itself is struggling with the revenue growth expectations throughout the entire 2016.

  • Remarkable mobile elusiveness:

Perhaps the holiday shoppers are the most fickle persons in the recent times. Yes, according to Google’s retail-based study, almost 76 percent of shoppers change their mind frequently at the time of shopping online as lots of brands are available and the buyers keep changing their decision of buying products from a particular brand. Well, the credit goes to none other than Google mobile search!

Just see, how different types of businesses are gaining success through social media, an integral part of digital marketing! The businesses that have been beaten should rectify their flaws and utilize digital marketing as much as they can!

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