Human Resource Management Certifications To Strengthen Your Career

With a hyper-competitive job market, job seekers need every advantage to get ahead. Recruiters are often overflowed with resumes for a handful of positions, & they look out for candidates who stand out from the crowd. To have an edge in the career marketplace, a certificate in the area of specialty can make you more attractive to recruiters. In many human resource management job postings, certain certifications are listed as possible requirements for the job. According to various surveys, certified hr professionals generally make more than their non-certified colleagues. As you work your way up into hr management, the pay difference gets noticed even more. In fact, the applicant with hr certification is more likely to be hired than another without them.

The top human resource management certifications will add value in your career by making you the most qualified applicant who will bring success to the company.

Advantages of a Certificate in Human Resources

Having a certificate in human resource management shows that you have the necessary skill & competency to carry out the organizational function. The programs offered by educational institutions are often accelerated format to allow the students flexibility while maintaining a full-time job. These courses take about 18 to 24 months to complete. This acts a boost to the employment prospects as well as companies want to hire only the best talent from the large pool. Earning an important certificate can give you a competitive edge over others & the necessary knowledge & training for a great performance.

The certificate program equips you for the stronger points of recruiting, interviewing & retention that are essential. In order to obtain the highest levels of ranking in the diverse field of human resources & increase earnings significantly, there are some top certifications to consider now.

Professional in Human Resources

This certification program emphasizes on tactics, logistical orientation & program implementation, U.S laws & regulations related to HR. The professionals who complete this course have responsibilities, especially in the hr department. The duration of the test is 3 hours & valid for 3 years after obtaining a passing grade.

Senior Professional in Human Resources

This 175-question, multiple-choice exam is for senior hr managers who are already experienced in strategic & policy-making aspects of hr department.

SHRM Certified Professional

This certification is for those who enacts policies & strategies with a point of reference for employees. The exam includes 130 questions with knowledge & situational judgment questions.

Senior Professional in Human Resources — International

This comprehensive & global certification is designed for those hr professionals who wants the principle HR knowledge & skills in strategy, service delivery & policy development. The duration of the test is 2.5 hours with 105 questions.

Global Professional in Human Resources

This renowned certification is solely based on global hr initiatives because the trainee has to discover different hr responsibilities such as the development of hr policies, supportive initiatives in global organizational growth & strategies of globalization.

Many of these programs offer knowledge & expertise in payroll, benefits management, union management, hiring & conflict resolution. These courses are generally run by former hiring managers, benefits managers & hr generalists. Once you have completed the certification & take up the human resources management career, there will be plenty of organizations offering advanced certification which will help you to move further in your career.