Country Specific Website Traffic

Rules You Need to Follow to Target Country-Specific Website Traffic

In order to get a good rank for the website, it is important to gain more Country Specific Website Traffic over the period. The increasing number of website traffic ensures visibility of the websites. It brings profits for the website owners.

It is better to target Country Specific Website Traffic. Afterward, the website owners may choose to attract the attention of the global traffic. Most of the blogs or content of the websites try to target a specific audience. This act can come out with better results. There are many blogs, which target particular country and language as well. This helps to increase visibility from the specific audience. However, variations of languages may sometimes prevent the websites to reach to a greater number of audiences.

Bloggers, who are earning through AdSense, may like to target Website traffic from specific countries. It may eventually profit them most. The easier solution for that is buying specific traffic of specific countries, but while blogging, it will be better not to choose that way.

How can one get access to country-specific website traffic?

There are several different ways to get access to country-specific website traffic and this content likes to present the ways one after one before you.

1. Domain name

If you want to target specific website traffic from specific countries, it will be better to buy country-specific domain names. Usually, the domain names like .org and .com get more attention on the search engines, but country-based domains help to draw the targeted audience from those specific countries. As an example, if you are looking to target Australian traffic then .au will be the domain extension while .in or can be chosen to target audience from India.

At the same time, it is better to mention that top-level domains like .com or .org can be used while representing a company or a brand. However, the only problem regarding this issue is that the site will find it hard to get ranking on country-specific search engines and may miss the most of its targeted audience.

2. Geo-targeting

Google Webmaster Tool and other similar tools from different search engines help to target a specific audience through Geo-targeting. It will help a website to check the errors and fix them in order to get the attention of the traffic.

Log in and verify your website in the Google Webmaster Tool, and under Configurations > Settings you can specify which country you wish to target.

Country Specific Website Traffic

3. Locations of the web-hosting servers

Locations of the web-hosting servers also help to get access to the geo-targeted traffic. As an example, if a site is located in the U.S, it will prefer hosting the U.S servers. Along with this, using CDN also helps to speed up the flow of traffic to the websites. Here this CDN (Content Delivery Network) factor should be discussed in short. It is Content Based Marketing, which helps to focus on the traffic of the certain country. CDN works from different geographic locations, which reduces the pings and latency; therefore, the users can easily get access to the sites.

4. Backlinks

Backlinks are considered the most useful processes for promoting a content of a website and eventually draw the attention of the targeted customers. It is better to try country-specified backlinks because that will help drawing the concentration audience from a certain country. In fact, backlinks are considered beneficial for boosting up the SEO service process as well.

5. Upgrading the content level

Upgrading the content level or content quality is another important factor for targeting a larger or specified audience. It is important to know the language properly (along with grammar, of course) so that the visitors to that site can relate to the content and feel connected to that. If required, it will be better to hire experts of that certain language to maintain the quality issues. The language used in the contents also helps to increase the ranking of the website.

As an example, if a website is targeting the audience from the U.S or U.K, the content should maintain the quality of the standards according to those countries. Otherwise, the efforts of gaining the attention of the traffic will certainly be hampered.

6. Local SEO

Submitting the sites to the local search engines can ensure a better quality of audience from a certain locality or country. It is useful for the e-commerce websites and therefore using the geo-tagging service of Google or other search engines places may be wise. Along with that, the business owners can also add their phone numbers, location tags along with the address to draw more traffic. Using the same strategy in the social media pages may also help you to increase your Country Specific Website Traffic.

7. Google Trends

Using a proper content strategy can be helpful enough. Finding a keyword, which is popular to a certain country, can help a website reach faster to the targeted audience. In this process, searching out country specific keywords may help. While writing a blog, the targeted country should be placed as the top priority. It can be considered as a plan for a successful content marketing.

8. Use VPN

Using VPN services in very effective if you want the Country Specific Website Traffic to use VPN you can download software like if you want to use for temporary period then download dotvpn extension for any browser and if your want to use VPN for SEO and other marketing related work then download Avira VPN Avira provide 500 MB free data for 1 month .you need to download this software and install on your computer and select your targeted country and start working. In one week you will see your targeted country visitor are increasing.

Getting access to the country specific Website traffic is important for successful content marketing as well as of the web marketing process. These tricks may help you to get more traffic from targeted country and eventually make your business a successful one.