Why gynecologists have soared in popularity?

Gynecologists have the twin responsibility of looking after the pregnant mother as well as the baby inside her womb. It is definitely a job that is fraught with risks. The life of the fetusand the mother are intertwined. The fetusgets all its nutrition from the mother. If the mother falls ill or suffers from abnormal blood sugar or pressure, some kind of infection or something else, administering medicine to the mother becomes difficult.

It is the gynecologist’s knowledge and experience that reins here. He or she has to decide which medicines can be administered to the mother without causing any harm to the fetus. Medicines like some of those used for asthma, yeast infection, depression, epilepsy, etc. may have very adverse effect on the child. Nevertheless, the mother needs to be treated if she is suffering from some diseases. The best gynecologist doctor in Mumbai will tread his path very cautiously in this respect. She will arrange for treatment of the mother while keeping the fetus out of harm’s way. This is why the job of a gynecologist is fraught with risk. Notwithstanding the risk, gynecologists are also a satisfied lot when they are successful in helping a healthy mother deliver a healthy baby.

You need to take note of the fact that gynecology is a specialized domain of study and it deals with the overall well-being of a woman. All reproductive problems of a woman tend to fall under this stream of study and one thing which is a bit confusing is whether to opt for a male or a female gynecologist though both have their pros along with cons attached to it.

A lot of women tend to prefer the female ones as they go on to give a patient hearing to their problems as they have been in such sort of situations at an earlier point of time. The physical examinations are comfortable and the patient is happy.

Other functions of a gynecologist

Taking care of the pregnant mother and helping them deliver healthy babies is not the sole job of a gynecologist. A gynecologist acquires the knowledge and experience in every kind of female disorders and conditions. He is like a guardian to women’s health starting from puberty to menopause. Within this period girls and ladies of all age come to gynecologists for all kinds of physical problems in them. There can be different types of problems in ladies and girls of reproductive age. There can be ovarian cysts or other ovarian disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, ovarian failure, sudden stoppage of menstruation, excessive menstruation, breast diseases, vaginal infection, endometriosis etc.

Gynecologist and obstetrician

However, these doctors are not only gynecologists; they have the added qualification and experience in obstetrics. Obstetrics is that branch of medicine where the doctor learns the nuances of childbirth and midwifery. Gynecologists & obstetricians often come across situations where an unmarried lady of reproductive age has been diagnosed with a disorder of reproductive system. If a pregnant lady or a lady of reproductive age has been diagnosed with fibroids of the uterus, it is not possible to resect these out. In that case, the best obstetrician in Mumbai will try to subdue the fibroids by medicines and wait for the mother to deliver a healthy baby.