Feel The Excitement At Sail Sabang 2017

Sail Sabang 2017 in a wonderful moment that absolutely could not be missed if you are traveling in Indonesia in the near future. Sail Sabang is an event that would be held at Desember in this year. The core of this festival is to promote the the tourism in Sabang as International Bahari Tourism. There would be many activities and events in this festival that being organize as large scale festival. There would be also much excitement to be feeling in this festival. So, you need to come to Sabang on time if you do not want to miss this wonderful moment. The following is some of reasons for you to not miss Sail Sabang.


  1. Many Wonderful Culture and Art Performance To Be Held

At Sail Sabang, there will be Sabang Expo which will be a moment for you to witness various Indonesian culture and arts.In Sabang Expo; you can see various performances of art and culture of Indonesia. Of course, for those of you who vacation in Indonesia, the moment to witness the various cultural and art a performance of Indonesia is impossible to miss.

  1. There Will Be Many exciting Activities to Participate

In addition to Sabang Expo, there is also Maritime Expo which will organize various activities that will definitely exciting for you. Some of them are diving championship and underwater photo contest. For those of you who like the activity under the sea, these two activities would be very sorry to be missed.

  1. There are Many Wonderful Moment to Be Captured

At Sail Sabang, surely there will be many precious moments to be immortalized. For those of you who are vacationing in Indonesia, this moment will surely be an unforgettable experience in your vacation.

  1. There Are Unique Experience to Experienced

Many unique experiences for your vacation you can feel in Sail Sabang. Because here will be many things that will make your holiday feels valuable.

Sail Sabang 2017 underwater photo contest is one of the activities that will be very interesting to follow in Sail Sabang. As a tourist in Indonesia, this competition is certainly very fun to follow. For those of you who come to Sail Sabang, you can join this competition. In addition to enjoying the fun in the competition, you will also get the experience of taking photos in the underwater. In the waters around Sabang itself, there is an underwater scene that will surely surprise you.

Sail Sabang 2017 diving championship is an activity that should not be missed for those of you who are diving sport lovers. When you come to Sail Sabang, you will enjoy a diving experience that will never be forgotten. Because here, you can enjoy diving sport together with the amazing underwater environment. In addition, the diving competition that will be held this alone can certainly spur your competitive sense. Show your passion for diving sport by coming to Sail Sabang. Diving Championship to be held in Sabang is World Free. Each of you can participate in this competition by registering yourself.