An Ideal Email Marketing Tool for Small Business

Are you trying to make your small business popular? Try out email marketing tool. It is an effective Email marketing tool for small-scale business. Being an entrepreneur, you must be well aware of the fact that the success of a small-scale business entirely depends on your marketing efforts. The more you popularize your business, the more success you will get in the long run.

So, to popularize your business, what you need the most? Simple a huge audience base and conversions. But above all these things, your most important task is to develop the online reputation of your business and the internet offers the best platform for gaining such recognition.

Email marketing tool is effective to boost traffic to your website. People in these days wish to subscribe email lists to get informed about the special. Email marketing not only helps to boost traffic to your website but also enhance the sales. This is considered to be an effective medium that helps to generate leads what is exactly a small business requires.

Facts to know about Email Marketing Tool

Well, email marketing includes a number of tools that help to send your brand message to your target customers. Drip email marketing is one such tool with which you can perform multiple tasks such as lead nurturing, customer support, onboarding and customer success. Besides this, it reduces customer support cost, sales cycle, and sales cost.

A drip campaign is also known by many names such as automated email campaign, drip marketing, lifecycle emails, and marketing automation. The concept is more or less same. They are mainly a bunch of emails which are sent out automatically at a particular time. The first email goes out when someone signs up. The next email will go out after three days and then after a weekend.

Now you must be thinking setting up a drip campaign must be a difficult task. But you don’t need to worry about this as in this blog, you will get information on what is drip campaign, how they are effective, how it helps to generate leads and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with detail information.

What is drip campaign?

The drip campaign is nothing but a set of emails that go out automatically based on user actions and timeliness. This enables you to keep in touch with your customers and you can send out brand messages and special offers easily through this medium. Each time when a drip email goes out, it comes automatically from the queue of pre-written emails. No need to write emails manually and send each one separately. This helps to save both time and cost.

How far this campaign proves effective to generate leads?

Yes, this is an effective tool that can help to generate leads in less time. Basically, drip marketing is all about giving the right information at the right time. For example, if someone just subscribed to the newsletter of a blog page, a drip campaign will send out a welcome email to the subscriber right away. After that, it will send out the next email showing off some of the most popular blogs on the page. Similarly, if a customer is hovering around the premium upgrade page from the last few days, the drip campaign will automatically send out an email to the customer showing the five reasons to upgrade to the premium plan.

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Why drip campaign is considered a multitasking tool?

Well, the reason behind this that with drip campaign, you can perform a number of tasks such as –

    Onboarding,

    Nurturing leads

    Welcoming

    Renewals

    Recommendations

    Confirmation

    Engagement

How to arrange a drip campaign?


From the above discussion, it I clear that drip campaign helps in multiple ways to generate leads. In fact, it one of the best email marketing tools for small business through which you can easily convert sales and engage new customers. However, the actual task is how you can successfully set up an automatic drip campaign?

Well, it is not so hard. In this blog, you will come to know about the five steps that can help you setting up the campaign in an easy way. So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the steps below:

  • Classify your target customers

While setting up a drip campaign for your business, make sure you well identify your target customers. This is because drip campaign is all about sending information and brans messages to the target customers. Therefore, the most important task here is to determine which group of target audience and triggers you are going to include in your drip strategy.

  • Craft your message in an attractive way

Once you come to know which section of customers you are targeting, it’s time to craft an attractive message that can grab the attention of your customers at once. Make sure the message you craft should be attractive, actionable and clear. Maintain a voice that shows you are building a brand for your company.

  • Make a strategy for your campaign

Creating a strategy for your campaign is the most important phase. You have to figure out few logistics before setting up your campaign such as what will be the work flow, how many emails you want to send and at what time.

  • Start Campaign

Once you create a strategy for your campaign, it’s time to give a kick start to your effort. To start your campaign, you can either buy a drip software or you can create your own.

  • Adjust and evaluate

Just because drip campaign is an automated marketing tool does not mean it can run unsupervised. You have to invest much of your time in searching out the segments of your targeted customers and adjust them depending on the results. If you are not getting enough leads, assume it’s time to put more call to action in your strategy and rewriting emails.

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Information on drip email software

There are many software available through which you can set up your drip email campaign. You can upload this software to your server and run the campaign. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about few software services for setting up drip email campaign. Have a look at them-

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • com


For more information contact here.

What are the advantages of drip marketing software?

Almost all drip marketing software come with a few common advantages such as –

  • Easy to compose emails and add time

Drip marketing software offers an easy platform to compose a chain of emails and add a schedule interval between each email. Once you setup, you don’t need to do anything as this email marketing tool will send out emails to your targeted customers automatically. Customizing emails with important user data has been made much easier with this software.

  • Automatic triggers

With drip marketing software, you can send out emails to your targeted customers with automatic triggers such as registration, appointment date, shop now, and so on. Basically, trigger-based emails help to generate potential leads.

  • Analytics to measure data

Almost drip marketing software offers real-time analytics through which you can measure how customers are responding towards your marketing campaign. Besides this, you can also analyze which particular message is getting more response and creating better engagement.

Use of drip marketing tool beyond email

Drip marketing is not only restricted to emails. This marketing tool has been originated before the invention of the internet and thus, many marketers have used drip marketing method to generate potential leads.

However, this marketing tool is widely used for email campaigns now and the reason behind this is that it runs at a very low cost. In order to make your drip campaign more powerful, you can add marketing collaterals and phone numbers to the campaign.

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From the above discussion, it has been made clear that drip marketing software is an effective email marketing tool for small business which incurs low cost and generates potential leads in less time. In short, drip email marketing can take your customers’ engagement to another level. The more effort you give to this campaign, the more success you can get in the long run. Collect all demographic and behavioral data of your customers and create segments of them. This will help you to send specific data to your specific customers targeting their requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Try drip email marketing today and gain more customers and engage your existing customers with your brand. To get more information, you can contact here.