Don’t Do Mistakes to Learn: Learn to Avoid 7 SEO Mistakes!

Don’t you learn from your SEO mistakes? Great thinkers have always advocated mistakes by claiming that mistakes help one to learn and extend the knowledge. In this advanced age, you can learn without facing any SEO mistakes. When the Internet is always ready to guide you, then why you should wait for SEO mistakes? A single mistake may give you a lesson for future but at the same time, it may have a long-lasting negative impact on you, especially if the mistake is your business related. Almost all the entrepreneurs need the help of SEO (Search engine optimization) to make their clients aware of their presence. Basically, SEO is a process that aims at increasing the visibility of a website for target keywords in search engine.

If you are eager to get SEO service for your business website, you should ensure that your hired professionals are not doing these seven SEO mistakes that can pull down the efficiency of the search engine:

Title & description without Keywords:

Title and Meta descriptions play major roles in listing a website for selected keywords on search engines. Each title and description should contain keywords. Title and descriptions help the visitors to understand the objective of your website and make a search engine bot.

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Image Alt tag without keywords:

Inserting keywords into image tag is a simple yet effective strategy to increase the visibility of an image in search engine results for the targeted keywords. Therefore, image tags without keywords will prevent you from getting expected rankings.

Image Alt tag without keywords

Boosting up high traffic web page & search queries:

High traffic website and search queries refer to high clicks. Optimizing those web pages and conducting off page SEO for creating backlinks for that URL from these high traffic websites is perhaps the best way to increase the ranking in the search engine. Your pages need to be engaged for high click search terms or keywords.

Boosting up high traffic web page & search queries

Lack of engaging contents:

Do you know that more content pages get the high priority in the search result?  Your contents should be meaningful, interesting and of course informative. There are many websites that have been dropped down due to lack of contents. Your professionals should add more content to the web page and they should make it sure that all the contents are written based on the selected keywords.

Lack of engaging contents

Lack of keywords:

Keywords are the most important elements of search engine optimization. Therefore, your keywords should be the most effective ones. You experts should think beyond the Google keyword planner and optimize it in the best possible ways.

SEO mistakes

Lack of rich snippet:

A Rich snippet is used to increase the visibility of the website in the search results. It contributes to describing a website content to search engine bot in order to get better outcomes. Therefore, lack of snippet can deprive your website of getting top ranks.

rich snippet

Use of old pages:

Old pages can be found to have high page authority. An SEO should avoid the old pages and only optimize those pages in order to enhance the page visibility and boost the website traffic.

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