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Educate yourself before Hiring Daycare in Liverpool

Do you know about the benefits and rebate of day care in Liverpool, western Sydney and all over the country Australia by the government? The government provides the Australian families with two types of financial assistance in order to help them covering the costs of licensed childcare. These two types of assistance are named benefit and care rebate. Most of the early learning centers in Western Sydney adhere to the norms and standard instructed by the Australian government.

early learning western sydney

Child care benefit:

What is childcare benefit? Childcare benefit is income that is tested and paid directly to approve the government authorized child care in Australia. Parents can apply for the childcare benefits either online or in person through Centrelink. In order to apply online, you may visit the website of Department of Human Services.

  • Criteria for childcare benefit:
  1. Your child must attend a licensed or government authorized childcare
  2. You should visit the place in person to find out how far it can be able to fulfill your child’s requirements.
  3. Being the parent, it is your sole responsibility to pay the fees of the daycare or childcare.
  • Immunisation requirements for child care benefits:

Australian Government has brought a new legislation “no job, no pay” from the 1st January 2016. This legislation instructs the parents to assure that their children meet all the immunization requirements which now can be applied to all children up to the age of 19. This is mandatory to be eligible for the child care Benefit which also includes the Registered Care. The changes indicate the fact that a child should be fully immunised.

Now you find conscientious objection no longer as an exemption category. In this context, it is important to mention that children with a recognised medical exemption, examined by a general practitioner like medical contraindication, natural immunity or participation in a recognised vaccine study that will be found to be exempted continuously  from the requirements.


Child care rebate:

An additional payment of the child care benefit is called the childcare rebate. This rebate helps the families to manage the expenses. One thing you need to know that it is not income tested. Even if the income of your family is too high to qualify for the Child Care Benefits, you will be able to get the Rebate. You can find it covering up to 50 percent of out-of-cost; up to $7,500 per child, every year.


  • Eligibility for child care Rebate:
  1. You should manage quality time in every week for a training session, study related commitments etc.
  2. You must enroll your child into approved child or day care in Liverpool and across the country.
  3. The parents must be Australian citizens.
  4. If your child is under seven years of age, then you will have to follow the immunisation requirements of Australian Government.
  5. You will be responsible for the cost of the childcare.

If you are looking for an early learning center in Western Sydney, you should look at the legal issues first of all. Clovel, a childcare having multiple branches across the country assure the parents and care the children in the best possible way.