Corporate Golf Tour

What More You will Get in a Luxury Corporate Golf Tour

Do you know, Corporate Golf Tour in Thailand is considering the golf capital in Asia? Yes, you heard it right. And you are really a lucky one by choosing Thailand, or rather Pattaya for your next golf tour destination. More than 400,000 people come to Thailand to attain the best-golfing session from all over the world. The numbers are surprising, aren’t they? However, any trip that gives the complete flavour of tourism and golfing is the one that draws attention of most masses all over the globe. Another report says that most people are ready to attend any corporate golf trip in Thailand.

Why Corporate Golf Tour are more preferable

Everyone knows that golf tours are costly and you are not going to arrange Thailand golf trips every year with your family (unless you are a billionaire). On the contrary, in a corporate tour people who are involved in responsible jobs and need to meet their clients all over the world. Sometimes have chances to attend these exclusive as well as luxury tours. Most of the time, people who are on top-notch companies going for corporate trips that are boring and tiresome and the golf factor makes them rejuvenate and helps forget the exhortation of the client-meet, project work. Sometime, employees achieve family trips or couple trips as the rewards of their excellent work. In those cases, the companies sponsor their trips.

Why people Choose Thailand for their golf Tour

Do you choose your holiday location without knowing the place? Of course not! Likewise, choosing any of the places for the Corporate Golf Tour is a big mistake as it is not only a mere trip but also golf trip. What else than Thailand can be a better place for golfing?

Alternatively, when you are choosing Pattaya or Bangkok you are getting the whole Thailand in a nutshell and obviously the chances of having fun with the club in Bangpra International Golf Club Course or Laem Chabang International Country Club. Apart from these two golf courses, numbers f courses, golf academy, schools are there in Thailand.

This was the golfing part, what about the trip? Don’t be dishearten, Thailand always spreads its warm hands with numbers of stunning and magnificent places that enough giving you memorable moments for lifetime. For example, the serene exploration at the Elephant Village obviously makes you fall for the extremely friendly elephants. This part of the Thailand golf vacation is an example of bonding between the man and the wilds. Don’t forget to have the flavour of Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Experience the magnificent Bengal tigers and have some graphic hours with them. Live some rosy hours in the Floating market of Thailand or in the Allangkarn Show.

Thailand: The blend of Golf and Glimpses

When you are in Thailand for Corporate Golf Tour, make it large with the knowledge of its culture and the adventure of the golf and sightseeing. Thailand has a beautiful culture and a long history. This is the land of mountain with the bondage of seas and beaches. Pattaya is not only famous for the numerous golf courses but for the beautiful beaches like Sai Kaew beach, Ban Amphur Beach, Bangsaray Beach, Jomiten Beach and many more. Having the underwater glimpses is one of those unforgettable moments of one’s life.

What do you need in your favourite golf course 18 holes, 27 holes or 36 holes with different level of golfing facilities? Well, you will get all these in most of the courses in Thailand golf tour in Thailand. Siam Country Club – Plantation Course is one of those exceptional courses that are known as the scenic beauty of the sugarcane and pineapple plantations and other floras.

Why Luxury Golf Tours?

Corporate and luxury sometimes act life the two sides of the same coin. No doubt, a corporate tour is expensive and it becomes a luxury trip while the golfing leads the whole thing. A quick look of any Thailand golf course may give you the inside view that are full of private resorts with personal spa and swimming pool, sauna and restaurants. Don’t get confused in expensive and waste of money. Since you are with a plausible tour guide, you will get all luxury facilities in appropriate budget and vice versa with a dodgy one.

Cuisine is one of the best parts of any tour as it pacifies the tongue and beholds its own culture. Thai food is world famous for its spice and the cultural background behind every dish. Som Tam is one of the famous spicy Thai salad that is must taste while you are in Thailand. Laab, the spicy Lamb salad, Yam Tua Plu, will surely make your meal grand and flavoursome when it comes to the starters. Gaeng Kiew Wan, the delicious green chicken curry and Massaman, the Thai non-veg potato curry will make your trip memorable. Every credible tour company serves each of these lip-smacking dishes to their guests with enormous drinks and beverages.

So, are you ready to attain a posh Corporate Golf Tour with your club and backpack? Then, contact Pattaya Golf Trips now.