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101 computer shortcut keys to Make Your Works Easy on MS-office, Desktop and Facebook

Using keyboard shortcuts, you can save your much time to perform any task. In this post I will going to tell you about computer shortcut keys for Microsoft Word, Desktop Control, Web Page Control and Facebook control. Anyone can easily learn, be expert and have good command over the computer and these important software’s

Start Computer Shortcut Keys:

MS-office Shortcuts keys:

1) Alt+spacebar: Minimize or close any folder
2) Alt+F4: Close anything e.g folder or program directly
3) Ctrl+C: Copy anything
4) Ctrl+V: Paste anything
5) Ctrl+X: Cut anything
6) Ctrl+Z: Undo Typing
7) Ctrl+Y: Redo Typing
8) Ctrl+S: Save any kind of text, doc file or webpage
9) Ctrl+enter: To goto next page of MS Word document
10) Ctrl+A: Select all items
11) Ctrl+P: It will print the selected document.
12) Ctrl+W: Will close the current window
13) Ctrl+O: Will open a new document
14) Ctrl+F: Find and replace or will open a search option
15) Ctrl+Esc: Will open a start menu like from window button.
16) Ctrl+Del: Will delete the selected item.
17) Shift+Delete: Permanently delete selected item.
18) F1: Used to request help/assistance.
19) Ctrl+N: Will promptly open a word document.(For MS Word)
20) Ctrl+E: centralized word text alignment
21) Ctrl+ R: Right alignment
22) Ctrl+L: Left alignment
23) Ctrl+J: Justify
24) Ctrl+ Right curly bracket }: increase text size
25) Ctrl+Left curly bracket {: decrease text size
26) Del: we can remove right characters in text file
27) backspace: we can remove left characters in text file
28) Ctrl+U: Underline text
29) Ctrl+I: Italic text
30) Ctrl+B: Bold text
31) Ctrl+shift+f: font styles, themes etc in MS file
32) Shift+Home: select the text to right side in line
33) Shift+End: select the text to left side in line
34) Home: To go to start in text line
35) End: To go to end in text line
36) Ctrl+Home: To go to start in document
37) Ctrl+End: To go to end in document
38) Ctrl+Return: Pagebreak in MS word document
39) Ctrl+Enter: Pagebreak in MS word document
40) Ctrl+K: Insert hyperlink in MS file
41) Ctrl+Click: Open hyperlink In MS file

Desktop Control Shortcuts keys:

42) Window key+1 or 2: To open files or programs from desktop taskbar.
43) Window key+M: To control desktop
44) Ctrl+N: Also used to control desktop
45) To control desktop: Goto my computer by pressing window key+E then press tab button to open dropdown and select desktop.
46) Ctrl+alt+del: To lock computer,switch user etc
47) Window key+L: Will lock your desktop
48) Window key+D: Show desktop when web page, file or any folder etc is open,press again to hide desktop.
49) Window+S: Screen clipping
50) Window+E: My computer open
51) Window+T: Control on desktop toolbar
52) Window+P: desktop screen or projector
53) Window+1,2,3,4: To open applications from desktop toolbar

Web Page Control shortcuts keys:

54) Ctrl+R: To refresh or reload webpage

55) F5: To refresh or reload webpage

56) F6: To go to address bar in webpage

57) Space: Go down in any webpage

58) F1: Help in Google Chrome

59) Shift+Esc: Task manager in Google chrome

60) Ctrl+shift+Q: To close tabs in Google chrome

61) Ctrl+T: New Tab in Chrome

62) Ctrl+shift+T: Reopen closed tab in Chrome

63) Ctrl+shift+B: Hide bookmark in Chrome

64) Ctrl+N: New browser window open

65) Ctrl+H: Chrome History

66) Ctrl+J: Chrome download

67) Ctrl+shift+N: Open a new browser in incognito mode

68) Ctrl+O: open any file in Chrome

69) Ctrl+shift+W: close all chrome tabs

70) Ctrl+shift+Q: signout from google account

71) Ctrl+1 to ctrl+8: Go to specified Chrome window

72) Ctrl+9: Go to last tab in chrome window

73) Ctrl+shift+Q: close all chrome tabs

74) Ctrl+tab: switches to next tab

75) Ctrl+Pgdown: switches to next tab

76) Ctrl+shift+tab: switches to previous tab

77) Ctrl+Pgup: Switches to previous tab

78) Alt+F4: close the current chrome window

79) Ctrl+shift+W: close the current chrome window

80) Ctrl+W: Close the current chrome tab

81) Ctrl+F4: Close the current chrome tab

82) Alt+Home: Open Homepage in google chrome

83) F11: Full screen mode in google chrome, press again to exit.

84) Ctrl+plus: enlarge everything on webpage

85) Ctrl+minus: Makes everything on the webpage smaller

86) Ctrl+0: Returns everything on the page to normal

87) Alt+E: open the settings in chrome

88) Window+up: arrow maximize the window

89) Window+down: arrow maximize any window to the downward

90) Window+Left arrow: maximize any window to the leftward

91) Window+Right arrow: maximize any window to the rightward

92) Ctrl+alt+right arrow: Desktop will rotate rightward

93) Ctrl+alt+left arrow: Desktop will rotate leftward

94) Ctrl+alt+up arrow: Desktop will rotate upward

95) Ctrl+alt+down arrow: Desktop will rotate downw

Facebook Shortcuts keys:

98) ?: Go in search box
99) Alt+1: Home
100) Alt+2: Your profile page
101) Alt+3: Friend request
102) Alt+4: Show messages
103) Alt+5: Notifications
104) Alt+6: Your account settings
105) Alt+7: Your privacy settings
106) Alt+8: Go to the facebook page
107) Alt+9: View facebook statements and right agreements
108) Alt+0: open facebook help centre
109) Press J: to control new post in newsfeed
110) Press K: to control previous posts in newsfeed
111) Press L: like or unlike posts

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