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Cost of childcare in Merrylands strikes a record all time high straining the pocket of working moms

Over the Past decade cost of child care in Sydney has increased alarmingly making early learning in western Sydney almost unaffordable for middle and low income groups. Some of the centers in Sydney are charging more than $150 per day.  In the face of ever increasing living costs maintaining a family is gradually becoming difficult for the general populace.  In sharp contrast to the existing trend child care Merryland provides a glimmer of hope. As a responsible social entity it is duly committed in ensuring client satisfaction. It prioritizes nurturing the positive and unique personality traits of a child and takes the requisite steps to build upon them.

Let’s look at the Statistic:

In comparison to the national average of $75 per day, the cost of early learning in Sydney at most of the child care centers are much higher. However, centers of child care in Merryland adopt progressive policies which enable it to offer high quality service without being uneconomical. It employs qualified childhood professionals who are well adept in providing comprehensive curriculum based on play and child’s interest that improves a child’s cognitive abilities and learn vital skills pertaining to overall personality development.

Although the federal government in Australia bears half of the cost involved in child care yet sociologists are of the opinion that an average family will be experiencing financial constraints amounting to $5000 per year. Hence, the net take home package of working mothers will be worst affected. They have to compromise nearly two-third of their gross income. In order to afford an early learning center in Sydney an average Australian mother will need to keep only two third of her hourly wage while making a comeback post maternity.

In this backdrop, child care in Merryland sets a perfect example that could be followed by others. They leave no stone unturned in providing fun-filled learning environment that is safe and friendly. Most of the centers operate seven days a week and their working hour stretches from early morning to late evening providing accommodation to children aged six weeks to six years.  These centers charge an economical price that range from $65 to $75. Thus, it becomes clear that cost of child care in Sydney is soaring high in urban communities while cheap options are available that may experience huge demand. One needs to be lucky enough to get their child admitted in the economical child care centers of Merryland.