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Facts you can’t Ignore while Hiring Childcare in Blacktown

Child care and early children education should go hand to hand. These are the key factors in the well-being of a family and the society in general. They offer key opportunities for the development of the children and the social engagement as well. Nowadays, most of the parents in Australia are working; therefore, they need to rely on the child care in Western Sydney and Blacktown.

childcare Blacktown


Several forms of child care are covered here. These forms include formal child care, a service that is provided the predominantly through long day care.  You can also find day informal day care. In this case, the parents usually depend on the grandparents or relatives. The government of Australia has given some clear instruction about the age bar of the children for care centers. Are you well aware of the age bars and restrictions? If not yet, then you should look at the child care distinction in Australia.

Norms regarding age in the childcare services:

  • Preschool or child care in Western Sydney is available to children in one or two years before their full commencement of full-time school and so participation clearly at 4 years having some 3 and 5 years old taking part in the form of ECEC.
  • Long day care can be found to be a part of formal ECEC to children who are under the age of school having highest proportions of children in long day care (at the age of 2-3 years).

Important facts about childcare in Blacktown:

There are many important facts about child care in Blacktown or other Australian cities. Let’s have a quick glance at these facts:

  • According to the survey, around 1.57 million Australian children are found to attend child care centres
  • It has been remarkably noticed that the rate of child care use in Australia is increased by 77 percent between the 1996 and 2011. It should also be noticed that the proportion of the children in formal care rose from 13.4 percent to 23.7 percent.
  • Informal care is provided to 38.6 percent of children under the age of 12
  • Around 26 percent children are kept under the care of their grandparents.
  • You would be glad to know that almost 92 percent child care in Australia is free.
  • Australian government aims at spending $7 billion on child care in each financial year.
  • You can reap the benefits of childcare rebate that can cover up to 50 percent of out of pocket child care expenses up to a maximum of $7,500 per child year.

You may think what the usefulness of these facts is. When you are going to admit your children into a childcare in Blacktown or other cities, you should be well aware of all the facts and norms regarding the care giving system.