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Basic Information to Buy Property in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv, the economic hub of Israel is a desired place for the buyers who are going to invest in a property. This is one of the most advanced cities in Israel. If you are eager to buy property in Tel Aviv, you need to know the basics of buying property in Israel.

Whether you are going to buy or sell property in Tel Aviv, you have to pay commission to your real estate agents. In Israel, the agents usually charge 2% of the price of the property. Being a buyer, you can hire a real estate agent. Otherwise, you can look for properties and deals with the assistance of an individual agent who is expected to represent a particular property. In both of the two cases, the option of negotiation is opened for you.

  • Location:

Tel Aviv is not a small countryside. It is a large city. So, you should decide where to buy the property. You may ask your agents for suggestions. While you are looking for a suggestion, you should notice how far the schools, banks, hospitals and markets are from this place. You should look for a place flexible for communication. Location plays a vital role. If your location is suitable, you will get high amount if you decide to sell the property in future.

  • Price:

You should consider your budget as well. In real estate dealings, several other things are attached to the net price of the property. Buyers need to pay the purchase tax and the commission of the agent as well. If you have the least idea about real estate market, you should educate yourself properly before stepping into it. You may also consult a real estate advisor to know the basics of buying a property in Tel Aviv.

  • Contract paper:

This is perhaps the most vital aspect of the entire process. A contract paper should be made on the basis of the legal terms. Before making the contract paper or agreement, you must consult an experienced legal advisor. You should make it sure that the agreement includes everything that is legal and justified as well. This is equally important to sell property in Tel Aviv as well.

  • Request for real estate service:

Before offering you a property, your agent would ask you to sign a “request for real estate services”. This is basically a form that is required by Israel Real Estate Law. It is a sort of agreement that entitles the agent to a commission.

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