Some of the Big Names in the Nail Art Industry

Some people do not appreciate nail art because they don’t quite understand how hard it is to make one. Nail art is definitely one of the staple elements of fashion and beauty-making. Since the ancient times, our ancestors have mastered this art, proving its long and rich tradition and history.

In contemporary days, nail art has become more popular and complicated, thanks to the exceptional imagination and creations of nail artists. In Australia, where fashion is second to none, nail art has found a sweet spot. Many women in Dubai are passionate about nail art and are big fans of nail salons. As it is, it is not surprising that many are becoming interested in becoming a nail artist.

If you think nail art is only about polishes, using baby wipes, and drying, you are wrong. Nail art is a sophisticated art, and it takes a real artist to come up with creative, innovative, and splendid designs. Hence, if you want to become a successful nail artist, you would also want to look up to the industry’s foundation – the most successful and famous nail artists of today. Below are some of the most accomplished nail artists and salons that you may look up to.

Clara H. Nails – The nail artists behind the chic nails of tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams are those from Clara H. Nails. The owner of the salon has been in the business for more than 12 years now and doesn’t have plans to stop anytime soon. If you are an Australian who wants to venture in the nail art business, Clara H. can definitely become your source of inspiration since its salon is in Melbourne, Australia. Clara H. is known for its Japanese pop culture-inspired creations that her clients easily fall in love with. Her creations are simply extraordinary as they are unique, colorful, and fun.

Fleury Rose – Being named as one of the top 10 nail artists in New York City, Fleury Rose is serious when it comes to nail art. She is arguably the most famous nail artists from the renowned Tomahawk Salon Brooklyn, New York. Some of the celebrities she has worked with include Florence Welch, Kate Upton, Chael Iman, and Rooney Mara. Some of her elaborate works have been featured in popular publications like Vogue, Nylon, Interview, and Paper. Her credentials are no joke as she is billed as one of the most imaginative and successful hand-painted nail artists not only in New York but in the whole United States.

Sophy Robson – Her works may be considered as outrageous and avant-garde as they are not your conventional nail arts. Sophy Robson has made a name for herself in the nail art industry because of her willingness to break the convention just to express her love for the art. This British native has become an integral part of the industry, gaining accolades among amateur and even professional nail artists. Her works are frequently featured in various publications like Interview.

Jessica Washick– Relatively new in the industry is Jessica Washick. Although she is still new, her creations and devotions for nail art are comparable to that of a professional with decades of experience. In one article, it was revealed that her breakup in 2007 led her to becoming a professional nail artist. She shared that that experience has led her to a vocation of becoming a nail artist. She is known for making themed manicures.

Becoming a respected professional nail artist is no easy task since you have to undergo series of training. Again, not just because you know how to apply nail polish and wipe excess using baby wipes you’re already a nail artist. It takes years of training, ton of creativity and artistry, and passion for it to become a good nail artist.

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