The ‘big’ 4 Vs of Big data analytics-

Big data analytics has a considerable measure of potential to profit associations in any industry, across the globe. Big data technology is significantly more than only a considerable measure of information and particularly joining diverse informational indexes will furnish industries with genuine bits of knowledge that can be leveraged in decision-making and to improve the ROI of an association. But what is big data analytics all about? In the big data era, one should be able to define big data analytics because it’s become pervasive now.

It is, now by and large acknowledged that big data technology can be defined by four V’s: Variety, volume, veracity and Velocity.


It is the speed at which information is made, put away, analyzed and pictured/visualized by the professionals with adequate big data IQ. When batch preparing/processing was a regular practice, it was ordinary to get a database update once in a week. PCs and servers required significant time to prepare the information and refresh the databases. In the big data solutions era, near real-time data has become a common practice.

In the big data era where myriad big data solutions are leveraged by the companies, firms are busy looking to hire professionals with adequate big data IQ to reap benefits from big data analytics.

The pace at which information is made at present is practically unfathomable: Every moment we transfer 100 hours of video on YouTube. What’s more, more than 200 million messages are sent each moment, around 20 million photographs are seen and more than 25,000 transferred on Flickr.


Previously, all information came in the form of structured data, it perfectly fitted in segments and lines. However, those days are over. These days, 90% of the information that is produced by association is unstructured information- and this is where big data IQ comes into play. Even if the in-house employees aren’t aware of big data technology, it’s high time for the companies to make them aware of big data solutions because big data IQ will lead to bigger benefits.


90% of all information at any point made, was made in the previous 2 years- welcome, big data era. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the measure of information on the planet will twofold. By 2020, we will have 50 times the measure of information as that we had in 2011- this is what big data era is about. The sheer volume of the information is colossal and a vast supporter of the steadily extending advanced universe is the Internet of Things with sensors everywhere throughout the world in all gadgets making information consistently.


Having a considerable measure of information in various volumes coming in at rapid is useless if that information is mistaken. Wrong information can bring about a great deal of issues for associations and in for purchasers. Along these lines, associations need to guarantee that the big data solutions are right and in addition the examinations performed on the information are right. Particularly in automated decision-making, where no human is included any longer, firms should make sure that both the information and the examinations are right.

Big data technology isn’t a hype anymore and companies looking to attain a competitive edge in the market should now embrace this technology to lead the marketplace!