How to Best Determine the Right Implant Profile and Projection?

With the tremendous advancement in plastic surgery and its demand, breast implants have become available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, styles, and profiles. Breast augmentation surgery is designed to make women feel beautiful and confident, flaunting curves and fuller breasts. But, not knowing what to choose and how big to go can become the cause of reconstructive surgery. And no one wants that!

Apart from the knowledge acquired from internet and friends or family, it’s always recommended to consult a surgeon and then make the final decision. Surgeons at Crispin Plastic Surgery Centre discuss details with all the patients visiting for Breast Augmentation in Atlanta. As the choice and understanding about the procedure are a two way thing, and not a decision to be made alone.

Let’s first give you some knowledge on breast implant profiles and projections, and then expect you to mutually achieve your dream of aesthetic curves:

Implant Profiles – How to Choose Your Perfect Match

Breast Augmentation

Implant profile is the relationship between the base width of the implant and the projection of the implant. Implant profile helps determine, in the best way possible, a match between the desired size of a woman and her actual breast dimensions. There are low, moderate, and high profile breast implants, while projection is the forward projection of breast implants that is standard for most implants.

Low Profile Implants – Low profile implants have the smallest forward projection. These implants are perfect for wider framed women as these have less projection than other regular implants. When the goal is to achieve smaller breast enlargement, lower implant profiles make the appropriate choice.

Moderate Profile Implants – The moderate implant profiles used to be the standard size for breast implants, just before other projections were introduced. They result in a normal profile that has round fullness and adds enough volume to the breast. Women who have a narrow chest can use this profile to create the appearance of a wide chest.

Moderate Plus Profile Implants – These implants have a projection type in between moderate and high profiles. It’s for women who want a little extra volume or oomph in their breast implants, but don’t even want an extra projection that comes from high profile implant.

High Profile Implant – The last choice of implant profile is the high profile breast implants. These have the highest projection when compared to the diameter of their base. To achieve similar projection with moderate implants, larger implants will be required. So that the women with small chest can have higher profile but small implant – which should not cause rippling or give an unnatural look.

Breast Implant Shapes

Generally there are two shapes available for breast augmentation, the round and the tear drop. It again varies on the structure and requirement of the patient; contoured implants are equally popular as the round implants. The choice is subjective to the individual and the surgeon. Contoured implants were created to give a natural look to the breast implants.

When situated upright, round implants take on a natural tear drop breast contour and the shape changes with positional movement. There is no issue with distorting the breast shape, as the movement is same to the breast tissue movement. Round implants are best suitable for women with small breast and tight skin. Contoured implants come in textured surface to resist rotation. Although, these implants even spin and cause breast distortion and then need surgical correction.

Suitable Candidate

Every single breast implant is not suitable for all candidates. BWD (Breast Width Diameter) helps determining the right implant size and profile. Although you can measure your breast width yourself, but its best recommended to allow the surgeon to measure and determine the suitability of your breast with the right implant profile.

If the surgeon explains that the implant size is too wide for your chest, it’s good to consider the advice. If you force a desired choice on yourself, the results might simply be drastic. You want to choose the right and safe choice that should enhance your appearance and not put you in complications. It’s also important to understand that, you don’t have to get implants that are the same as your breast width.

For instance, if your breast width is 12.0cm then probably you don’t want implants that have a diameter of 16.5 cm. This might simply put you in a problem as symmastia. You can look and feel beautiful and this is the very reason why breast implants were created.

The right breast implants and successful breast augmentation procedure can make you achieve your goals. That said, keep your goals realistic, do your research, and also consider the plastic surgeon carefully. A good surgeon is the source to get through the surgery smoothly with perfect results.