Do You Ask These Questions to Removal Firms in Southampton?

Do You Ask These Questions to Removal Firms in Southampton?

Whenever you think of a nightmare, the first thing that would have chances to come in your mind is home removal. Isn’t it? Though there are a plethora of removal firms Southampton to reduce your stress of removal, you should hire them wisely as a lot of horror stories regarding removal companies are coming from several corners of the country. Therefore, it is vital that you must ask the companies the right questions before you go to the next step for information required to choose a moving firm you can depend on. An ideal firm will offer a service obviously differs from an average one. So, you should make sure that you are doing all you need to do in order to create your confidence in your firm.

Some basic questions to enquire about your removal firms in Southampton are given below to save you from being a victim on that day of removing. Let’s divide the question into four categories such as pre-move survey questions, equipment related questions, Staff related questions, and insurance related questions.

Pre-move survey Question to Removal firms Southampton :-

  • You need to ask your removal firms to send a surveyor or a group of surveyors at your place to get an idea about the volume of your belongings they would have to move and clearly discuss your requirements with them. A company should not charge you anything for this visit.
  • Ask them whether they are able to offer packing service or not. If packing service is your mandatory requirement, then you should make it clear to the services at the very beginning. After getting a clear idea about your requirements, they will be able to make a plan for your project and accordingly they will determine how much time will be needed for the entire affair.
  • Ask then about the storage facilities. If they do not offer this facility, you can ask for a recommendation.
  • If you require any additional services, ask them. And after discussing everything, you should ask for a final quotation and the price including the cost of each individual service.

Equipment Related Questions to Removal Firms:-

  • You should interrogate the firm about the size of their vans and lorries or about their transportation system. A large van or lorry is preferable than the smaller ones as you would not have to wait until the small vans to be fully loaded and unloaded.
  • Ask your firm whether they will supply the packing box or they expect you to arrange the boxes for packing. There are some companies that sell packing boxes. Some other will provide the boxes as an integral part of their packing service. You should always ask for double walled, plenty of tapes, book boxes band wine racks.
  • You should assure that your hired company possesses good and effective moving equipment.

Staff Related Questions to Removal firms Southampton:-

  • You should judge whether the members of the company are trained and experienced or not.
  • You need to observe are the staff uniformed or not
  • There are three types of movers who work for the companies such as casual, contractors and full-time workers. Which type will work for you?

Insurance Related Questions Home Removals Firms:-

  • Insurance is the most important part of the whole affair. You need to check that you would not have to supplement this if you possess some really valuable items which their insurance will not cover. There are many household contents that are not covered by the insurance of the home removals in Southampton.
  • Don’t forget to ask the home removals in Southampton the VOSA number. When a firm uses a goods vehicle above a certain weight, they may need to hold the legal license issued by the Traffic Commissionaires.